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Intelligent Membranes

Airtight Liquid Vapour Control - WINTER SALE

  • Passive Purple Airtight Liquid Vapour Control

    Fluid applied airtight liquid vapour control for any form of construction

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  • PassivHaus Brickseal Instant Weatherproofing

    Brickwork waterproofing for new and old buildings

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  • Poseidon Bathroom Waterproofing

    EAD 030352-00-0503 Liquid Applied Watertight covering for wet room floors and/or walls

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  • World’s Most Airtight Bar

    Introducing the World’s first Passivhaus Bar for Eco Training

    The world’s very first Eco bar is now open for business in Cambridgeshire. Yep, we made a bar. So if you want to learn everything from Net Zero to Passivhaus get in touch for a private training session

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Liquid Membranes

We offer liquid membranes from our five-star protection of windows and surfaces using biodegradable natural latex, liquid waterproofing membranes that prevents the passage of water and other liquids through a building membrane, to our world famous liquid applied airtight vapour controls. Intelligent Membrane’s coatings are used to protect a range of materials, not only in new building construction but also in retrofits and heritage buildings using breathable sustainable and VOC-free building membranes.

Our Intelligent Airtight Liquid vapour control Passive Purple liquid membranes are BBA and Passivhaus certified. Perfect for any form of construction from deep retrofits to brand-new masonry builds.

Protective Paint Coatings

Eco Friendly Spray On Protective Paint Coatings

Our range is suitable for aluminium, glass, UPVC, concrete and steel.

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Surface Protection Solutions

If you want to protect your windows, frames, and surfaces from corrosion or site debris, then our range of spray and brush protective coatings are the perfect option. Created with a focus on sustainability, our products form a recyclable film that can easily be disposed of once it’s served its purpose.   

Our extensive range of protection solutions includes window protection, surface protection, door protection, and much more. Each of our products are formulated to suit a variety of surfaces including UPVC, aluminium, glass, steel, and concrete with the simple aim to protect your building. 

View our range of protection solutions below and place your order today.  For more information about our products, please get in touch with our team.

**Please note that for the Intelligent Protect, a 7 Day patch test is required. It is NOT suitable for wood and vaseline MUST be used on all Gaskets before application.

Air Tightness & Building Membranes

Building membranes have various purposes in modern construction such as preventing condensation and dampness. Generally, this term describes thin layers of waterproofing, breathable materials that are a couple millimetres in thickness. There are two main types of building membranes – sheet-based or liquid applied.

Here at Intelligent Membranes, we specialise in the highest quality liquid applied membranes. Our range features air tightness, vapour control, waterproofing and weatherproofing products that can protect your building inside and out. All of our products are brush or spray applied for your convenience and can be used on either the walls, floors or roof of your building.

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