Air Tightness Membrane

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Once a property has been insulated, a large proportion of remaining heat is lost through draughts and gaps in the building fabric. If this is addressed at the same time as the insulation, then costs for heating your home are significantly reduced. To achieve this, an airtightness membrane is used. Airtight membranes can be vapour open, so although they prevent excess draughts and air leakage, moisture can still move through them.

The airtight liquid vapour control membranes you see below will improve the protection of building components, boosting the impermeability of the building envelope. Enhanced enclosure performance increases the longevity of the building, and improves energy consumption and internal air quality.

Easy to apply with either spray or brush, our products adhere to any substrate. For those larger gaps, use the brush-applied facade membrane with reinforced fibres. Importantly, our air-tightness membranes are VOC-free (volatile organic compound) and Passivhaus certified.

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