Waterproof Breathable Membrane

A waterproof breathable membrane solution that makes your building airtight, raintight and at the same time remains vapour breathable? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not because our Passive Purple External is here.

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Our liquid-applied membrane is suitable for various uses including retrofits, new builds, large scale construction projects and mega structures such as bridges. 

Also available in White, Cream, Stone, Black or Grey, Passive Purple adheres to the surface it’s applied to, meaning you get none of the flaps or gaps that are present with traditional tapes and membranes. Like a Gore-Tex Coat, it lets the moisture out but remains waterproof.

Passive Purple External is a highly innovative breathable waterproof membrane that provides high resilience and strength. For best results you should install it before the façade finish. It’s Certified Fire Class B, S1, D0 (EN13501).

For any further information you require, please contact our team.