Damp Proof Membrane Paint

Internal Damp Proofing Paint
External Damp Proofing Paint
Concrete Damp Proofing Paint
Floor Damp Proofing Paint

When you use our damp proof membrane paint, you will be able to protect your walls and floors from penetrating damp. Our full range of Damp Proof Membrane Paints are suitable for projects of all sizes including new builds, retrofitting and large-scale commercial use.

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They provide an environmentally friendly solution for penetrating damp creating a flexible barrier for your walls, floors and ceiling, protecting them from damp and mould.

Not to mention, what sets Intelligent Membranes apart is our commitment to the environment. Our global building solutions are designed with the environment in mind, as we make preserving our planet a priority in our products. Shop our range of damp-proof membrane paint today to get your next eco-conscious solution today.