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Modern Methods of Construction

At Intelligent Membranes, we implement modern methods of construction with our Passive Purple range of products. Our products are unique due to their innovative eco-conscious technology that doesn't feature widely in the construction industry. Be part of the solution, and shop with us today.

Modern Construction Techniques

Modern construction techniques are implemented across the board at Intelligent Membranes. From our innovative products to our eco-conscious practices, we are truly a modern company that cares about the environment around us

Starting in 2013, we have very much moved with the times and contributed to the ongoing climate crisis that we are facing. Want to join us on our mission to go green? Now you easily can, by using our products on your next build. Browse the full range today or visit the technical corner for more information on our innovative building solutions.

Airtight Liquid Vapour Control

Can Intelligent Membranes Products Be Used In MMC?

The answer is yes – and our panelised system is a good example. We use our expertise to put together the timber frame and cladding before putting the windows in. The work is done off-site, then transported on-site and constructed like a kind of Ikea house. Another good example of our products being used in Modern Methods of Construction is our partnership with Innovare Systems which is the largest SIPS company in the UK.

They construct in the factory and then send the products out to the site. They use our liquid-applied membranes to ensure their build is airtight before it leaves the factory – it gives them peace of mind that, when the structure arrives on site, it is 100% airtight and ready to use.

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