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Here at Intelligent Membranes, we take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. For us, it is not a strategy to tick boxes or court positive PR. our philosophy of driving environmentally friendly forward-thinking initiatives into the building sector is at the core of what we do. Those core beliefs are reflected in our products.

What Is Net Zero?

Net Zero is defined by a target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity, to be achieved by reducing emissions and implementing methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How Are Our Products Environmentally Friendly?

We promote sustainability within our products in a number of ways:

- The polymer Passive Range that reduces carbon footprint due to its long lifecycle, meaning increased long-term energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon footprint

- Out internal products such as Internal Surface Pro are made from a natural latex which is completely biodegradable

- For our Protection Products we use plastic that is 100% recycled

Net Zero Emissions

At Intelligent Membranes, we’re striving to be a net zero emissions company and have incorporated this into the products you see today, here on our website. But, we don’t only do this through our products, but our practices too. Our Plant a Tree scheme means that with every order, you are planting another tree and helping to save our planet.

Passive Purple is totally environmentally friendly as a VOC-free product. It’s yet another reason why the products at Intelligent Membranes are the best in the industry, and why you should be the next to benefit from them.

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We Are A Woodland Trust Member

Intelligent Membranes is proud to be a Woodland Trust member, supporting eco-conscious initiatives to help save our earth. Woodland Trust Corporate Member

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