Heat Recovery Unit

The I-Vent Heat Recovery Unit. Ideal for home or commercial buildings looking to benefit from new ventilation technology.

The system works by continually removing polluted air through an extractor valve. As it is in operation, the extracted air passes through a heat exchanger. This component transfers the recovered heat to the fresh air coming in.

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    • Key Details

      Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems:

      • Keeps your home well ventilated without the need to lower the temperature
      • Improves air quality
      • Saves you money by reducing the cost of heating your property
      • Protects your home and furniture against moisture and pollutants
      • Easy to instal in both new and existing properties
    • Description

      What is Heat Recovery Ventilation?

      Heat recovery unit ventilation retains heat whilst maintaining a continuous airflow of high quality, fresh air into a building.

      Whilst traditional ventilation systems are great for removing polluted, stale or damp air, the continuous flow of air can make it very difficult, and very expensive, to keep your house warm.

      Fortunately, a heat recovery ventilation unit retains the heat from air which is circulated out, and immediately transfers it to the fresh air which is circulated in. This is excellent when reducing your heating bills and for the planet as it means you don’t have to keep heating up more air and use more energy.

    • Uses

      Where Should The I-Vent be Used?

      Heat recovery ventilation systems can be used at home or in commercial settings. Examples of applications where the I-Vent should be used include:

      Kitchen – Ventilation is essential for keeping your kitchen in top condition. Condensation generated when you cook can turn into damp and mould if left to settle. Good ventilation will extract the damp air and replace it with fresh air to avoid any unpleasant build-up of damp. Ventilation can also remove residual smells from cooking  leaving you with a fresh scent.

      Bathroom – The bathroom is the typically wettest room in the house, and moisture in the air can very quickly turn to damp and mould if not extracted properly. This is where a heat recovery ventilation systems comes into play to remove the build-up of damp mould in you bathroom.

      Drying clothes – Letting your clothes air dry is a great way to save money on your bills and be more environmentally friendly. however, if you don’t have an outdoor space, or if it’s raining, you need to dry your clothes indoors. The moisture which evaporates from your clothes goes into the air, and can cause damp and mould if not let out. A heat recovery ventilation system lets you dry your clothes without worrying about dampness in the air.

      Rest of the house – Ventilation throughout the house means you can significantly reduce the amount of dust and pollen in the air. Ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers.

      At work – Any office/commercial building can benefit from having heat recovery ventilation installed. Swapping out your more traditional ventilation system for one with heat recovery technology would have a huge impact on your heating bills and will keep your workers happy as they can enjoy a warm office with pollen and dust-free fresh air.

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