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Passivhaus, also spelt Passive House, is an international standard for reducing the ecological footprint of a building by building them to be ultra-low in energy consumption.

Passivhaus standards

This performance-based energy standard has been around for decades, although it’s been thrust into the zeitgeist more recently as a result of global commitments to the environment. It hosts a number of benefits such as improved air quality, thermal comfort, self-maintained moisture and humidity levels, increased space and increased daylight.

Although marketers of this concept often point to high-end projects to show off the efficiency of the Passivhaus strategy, the reality is that all builders can benefit from the Passivhaus standards. You don’t have to be “high-end” to be eco-conscious and build smarter buildings.

Airtight liquid vapour control

Passive Haus Design

Passive Haus design solutions are relatively simple to implement, shown in our gallery here. This includes installing proper windows, proper orientation and adopting heat recovery ventilation. Intelligent Membranes CEO, Adam White has installed Passive Haus design into a number of buildings. With all of the powerful elements, it was found that a house with Passive Haus design elements uses 90% less energy than a typical home.

Passive Haus design focuses on heating and cooling your home by using the own energy produced by the people inside the house. If you’re a big family, you will be amazed at the amount of energy that can be generated from your own bodies.

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