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Commercial Passivhaus Conversions and New Builds

No matter the project, big or small, Intelligent Membranes wants to be a part of it with our leading vapour control and protection solutions.

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For commercial projects, you need reliable and sturdy products that are going to leave customers impressed by your work. For better insulation and protection, choose Intelligent Membranes as we lead the market in eco-conscious building solutions.

Our company began in 2013 when two brothers working in construction saw a gap in the market. The gap concerned eco-conscious building solutions that provided efficient vapour control and protection for buildings on a commercial scale. Since then, the two brothers have worked to formulate the Passive Purple range and the Phuck Off range. Both of these assist builders in providing efficient vapour control, thereby reducing energy consumption and the chances of rising moisture and mould.

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Airtight Liquid Vapour Control

eco-friendly building

But, as much as quality building solutions were the top priority, they didn’t stop there. In fact, every product Intelligent Membranes has formulated and produced is designed with the environment in mind. Our ethos is built on protecting the earth’s natural resources, with our plant a tree scheme successfully planting hundreds of trees and bettering the earth’s oxygen circulation.

VOC-free, Passivhaus certified and waterproofing are just some of the qualities that our products possess and can bring to your commercial projects. To explore all of the suitable products for your commercial build,  contact a member of the Intelligent Membranes team to find out more!

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