PassivHaus Bar

The world’s very first airtight pub is now open for business in Cambridgeshire. Yep, we made a bar. After working with Passivhaus building standards for some years, you begin to look at the world around you with new eyes. Which lead us to design the Passivhaus bar!

Our Vision

We have always had an interest in optimising a venue to be the perfect source of energy but until now that was just a dream.

Bars attract large groups of people, all after a good time and a cold drink. But, when our team thought about it, we realised that bars are the ultimate source of body warmth. Think about the temperature in a bustling bar that’s packed with people. All of that energy goes to waste and doesn’t get utilised, until now. Our founders have designed the world’s first airtight bar, located in Cambridgeshire.

What is an airtight bar?

By now, I bet you’re wondering, what is an airtight bar? Well, an airtight bar uses a membrane to fully stop air leakage. This allows you to retain the warmth inside of the bar that comes from the warm bodies enjoying their beer, the fridges, appliances and lightbulbs.

By eliminating air leakage, the bar consumes an extremely low amount of energy, using around just 10% of what a regular bar would. When you eliminate the need for heating, you cut out a pretty hefty chunk of your energy bill, which now more than ever, is critically important. Now, perhaps you’re thinking of a room that smells of sweat and stale beer. But, this is not the case. Ventilation is a key part of the Passivhaus Bar and we use a heat recovery ventilator to pump in the fresh air whilst retaining the warmth of the room.

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Perfecting the design

With the accolade of the world’s first airtight bar, we knew that the design of the bar needed to live up to this.

Almost instantly, we thought of the genius designer Mario Romano for our vibrant 3D wall. Then, we called on Corian, a world leader in innovative countertop design. As of the 26th of April, the team’s vision of a unique, stylish fully airtight bar came to life.

But what about the pints?

Intelligent Membranes was on the case, creating a charity beer range. The beer range was called ‘Phuck Off Beer’ to mirror the views of our founders who, like the rest of the world, want to tell Cancer to Phuck Off. All of the beer proceeds have gone towards and will continue to go towards the Pink Ribbon Foundation, which works to fight breast cancer and provide support to those who need it.

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