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Intelligent Membranes are a globally-leading provider of innovative building solutions, with our liquid applied membrane products. But not only that, our Intelligent installers are available to help you efficiently install our solutions and provide expert advice.

About Our Approved Installers

We have a wide range of Intelligent liquid applied membrane products for windows and door protection with all frames and substrates including: Aluminium, UVPC and glass. We provide Airtight vapour control membranes, External facade UV weather protection and Waterproofing for all external services or internal washroom water proofing.

Our Intelligent installers are all approved by us to ensure that our products are professionally, efficiently and effectively applied for total and ultimate protection.

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    What Are Intelligent Installers

    Our Intelligent installers are only approved when they have met our experience standards and are trained in our products and correct application methods. When you select one of our installers you can be assured of a fast and efficient installation of Intelligent Membranes range of products.

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    What Do Intelligent Installers Provide

    All approved Intelligent installers have

    • Industry Experience
    • Product Training
    • Previous Project History

    And our endorsement of their previous work and product knowledge.

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