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Intelligent Membranes is so much more than a supplier of quality Passivhaus building materials. If you’re looking to learn more about our ethos and what our company is all about, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Intelligent Membranes products can be and have been implemented across a broad variety of sectors, from timber frame, masonry construction to large scale retrofit projects . We take pride in the fact that our products have been used for such a wide array of eco projects and continue to support builders, globally. We have in-house Passive House consultants on hand to help guide you through from detailing to on-site guidance on where products can go. So if you want to know

What does a vapour control layer do?

Do you need a vapour control layer on a cold roof?

Do you need a vapour control layer?

Its time to be the next

Net-Zero HERO

Passive Purple Editions

The same powerful formula, in a variety of colours to help you mark out the different areas of your Intelligent envelope areas

Meet The Founders

  • Adam White

    CEO & Founder

    Owner, Creator and Passivhaus Consultant at Intelligent Membranes, Adam White lives and breathes Passivhaus building standards. Through his suite of companies, Intelligent Membranes included, he is driving environmentally forward-thinking initiatives into the building sector.

  • Alex White

    MD & Founder

    Managing Director and Expert Airtightness Installer at Intelligent Membranes, Alex White, cut his teeth in the construction sector, developing environmentally friendly framing to support builders in their eco goals. Hands-on and passionate about airtightness, Alex is a master installer, working with builders to bring their projects to life.

World’s Most Airtight Bar

Introducing the World’s Most Airtight Bar

The world’s very first airtight pub is now open for business in Cambridgeshire. Yep, we made a bar.

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