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Intelligent Membranes want to be a part of your next self-build project with our range of innovative vapour control products.

self-build protection

Our air and vapour range can help to better insulate your self-build, using our BBA-certified air tightness membranes. These will provide an effective yet breathable protection against moisture and rising mould. Thus, your building will be better protected and the impermeability of the building envelope will be greatly improved. The enhanced enclosure performance of increases the longevity of the building but also saves you money on your energy consumption.

Clearly, your self-build will benefit from the Intelligent Membranes solutions. Shop the self-build range down below.

Airtight Liquid Vapour Control

Self-build solutions

Our family at Intelligent Membranes has helped hundreds of builders with their projects, big and small. The technology we use has been developed from an extensive knowledge of the construction industry; technology that you can see in use here.

You can start your next self-build project with confidence when you shop with Intelligent Membranes.

But, what sets Intelligent Membranes apart is our dedication to the environment. We pledge that with every online order, we will plant a tree on the 10 acres of land that we own. As well as this we are committed to constantly progressing our business with the current environmental situation in mind.

To be a part of our solution to the environmental crisis we are facing, shop with Intelligent Membranes today.

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